ATTR-CMP Amyloid study

Efficacy and safety of NNC6019-0001 at two dose levels in participants with transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy (ATTR CM)

Sponsor: Novonordisk

This study examines the potential of a new antibody called NNC6019-0001 for individuals with heart failure caused by ATTR amyloidosis. In this condition, the protein transthyretin breaks down and forms amyloid deposits between the heart muscle cells, impairing the heart’s function. It aims to determine if NNC6019-0001 can alleviate symptoms and improve outcome. Participants will receive either NNC6019-0001 or a placebo through 13 infusions over 64 weeks. NNC6019-0001 is not yet approved or available for prescription.

Study team:

Sub-investigator: B.J. van Essen


People involved

Principal investigator

Peter van der Meer